Saturday, June 23, 2007

EliteXC Strikeforce - Baroni vs Shamrock, notes and commentary

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  • "Yo yo yo and away we go", sorry Mauro but that phrase has to go ...
  • Hasn't any of the higher ups at EliteXC comprehended yet that Bill Goldberg is really, really bad as a commentator?
  • Did they say Edson Berto's nickname was "little thai girl"?! Oh "little tiger", yeah that makes more sense.
  • Awesome heelhook by Berto. Joe Boxer tapped because he was a bitch according to Glazer.
  • Man they got some really skanky dancing ring girls.
  • Carter Williams looks like he's been training with Ricco Rodriguez and Frank Mir.
  • Oh no they didn't, CSAC needs to institute a ban on DJs/MCs/rappers at MMA shows.
  • ... and down goes Williams. Don't fear Buentello, fear the consequences.
  • Impressive win by the Energizer bunny Ninja, plus he won some kind of Mickey Mouse belt. Villasenor fades really fast when things doesn't go his way.
  • Josh Thompson submits an outmatched Nick Gonzales with a rear naked choke.
  • "Special attraction"? If they call it that I want circus music.
  • Tony Fryklund has a real shitty gameplan, he sure can take a punch though.
  • Mauro claims Fryklund is a pioneer in the sport, sure so is Yatsu.
  • Target practice dummy Fryklund goes down from a combination by Cung Le that started of with a liiiiver kick.
  • It's time for the Strikeface-force main event, Shamrock vs Baroni. Amazing, they're actually standing in the same cage.
  • Shamrock knocks down Baroni!
  • Shamrock fouls Baroni and gets a point deducted.
  • Shamrock is dominating Baroni in the stand-up, Mo Smith thought him good.
  • Baroni takes down Shamrock pretty much at will, Shamrock needs to train more wrestling. He's trash-taling Baroni from the guard.
  • It looks like Cyborg vs Manhoef at this point.
  • Shamrock submits Baroni with a rear naked choke in the second round. Baroni looks completely out.
  • Nice, Shamrock had a excuse prepared in case he lost.
  • And now for some dark matches, Paul Daley vs Duane Ludwig is up.
  • Daley TKO in the second round.
  • Post fight interview with Baroni, he looks sad. Apparently he blew his groin out in the beginning of the fight, sounds painful. Baroni shows Goldberg his package. Goldberg gives Baroni a pep talk.

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