Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Holy crap Royce, what did you inject?!

A couple of days ago there was a story about Royce Gracie testing positive for steroids at FEG's HERO's show in LA. Royce has since that denied the allegations and maintained that he hasn't been taking anything except natural supplements.

Well here's the latest twist, CSAC released Royce's test values. The tests show Royce's Nandrolone value being 25 times (!!!) above the normal, clocking in at a whooping 50 ng/mL. Does the Gracie diet include bull testicles by any chance?

Both Renzo and Relson of the Gracie family commented on the story when it first broke, saying they haven't had much contact with Royce lately, but mostly voicing disappointment for Royce tarnishing the Gracie name.

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