Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Leave us alone Tommy

Tommy Morrison, former boxer, toughman contestant, actor, and according to himself and some dubious blood tests - HIV positive. I didn't add mixed martial artist to the list, because what was supposed to be his MMA debut this weekend turned into nothing more then a toughman contest with 4 oz gloves.

The bout against the local Arizona fighter John Stover lasted a mere 2:08 minutes, which was to be expected when a former heavyweight boxer takes on a close to amateur opponent. And as that wasn't enough, kicks and elbows where deemed fouls only hours before the fight, taking away Stover's only real weapons. This was of course an unregulated event, I'm guessing no serious athletic commission would touch Tommy with a 10 feet pole.

Then there is the issue about Morrison's HIV. Here's a guy who makes his living as a pro boxer, all of a sudden finds out he is HIV positive and retires. 10 years later he's all of a sudden magically cured from a disease that according to Wikipedia:

There is currently no vaccine or cure for HIV or AIDS. The only known method of prevention is avoiding exposure to the virus.

I'm sure HIV researchers would love to get their hands on Morrison's blood work, and I'm sure he'd oblige, unless he has something to hide that is. Do you Tommy?

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