Sunday, June 17, 2007

Shinya Aoki victorious in DEEP X, Imanari tastes defeat

Results from DEEP's grappling show DEEP X:

  • Shinya Aoki submitted Pedro Akira with a rear naked choke, 38 seconds into the first round.
  • Bruno Frazzato defeated Masakazu Imanari on points (10-0).
  • Hidehiko Hasegawa submitted Max Fernandez with a heel hook, 1:10 minutes into the second round.
  • Aiko Usizuka defeated SACHI on points (14-2).
  • Antonio Carvalho drew with Takeshi Yamazaki (5-5).
  • Mauricio Souza submitted Hiroyuki Abe with a triangle choke, 3:54 minutes into the first round.
  • Takuya Kitade defeated RYOTA on points (6-4).
  • Sotaro Yamada defeated Marcos Souza on points (6-2).

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