Sunday, June 24, 2007

TUF 5 Finale results, BJ Penn chokes out Pulver

Tonight BJ Penn proved that he still can win a fight that goes past the first round, securing a rear naked choke on Jens Pulver three minutes into the second round. This GIF was brought to you by Burger King, have it your way.

In The Ultimate Fighter 5 finale Nate Diaz won the contract after Manvel "Manny" Gamburyan injured his shoulder in the first round after a take down.

Weirdest moment of the night came when Gray Maynard slammed Robert Emerson early in the second round, spiking his own head on the mat which rendered him unconscious, at the same time Emerson tapped out from an injury. The fight was rightfully declared a no contest.

Full results, winners in bold:

  • Matt Wiman / Brian Geraghty (TKO, 2:09 round 1)
  • Leonard Garcia / Alan Berubie (Rear naked choke, 4:22 round 1)
  • Gray Maynard / Robert Emerson (NC, round 2)
  • Cole Miller / Andy Wang (TKO, 1:10 round 1)
  • Joe Lauzon / Brandon Melendez (Triangle choke, 2:09 round 2)
  • Roger Huerta / Douglas Evans (TKO, 3:30 round 2)
  • Thales Leites / Floyd Sword (Arm triangle, 3:50, round 1)
  • Nate Diaz / Manvel "Manny" Gamburyan (Shoulder injury, 0:20 round 2)
  • BJ Penn / Jens Pulver (Rear naked choke, 3:12 round 2)

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