Monday, July 23, 2007

CMA Festival 2 results, Minowa victorious in return

The second installment of the DEEP co-promoted CMA Festival 2 event took place today in Korakuen Hall, Tokyo. The event, headlined by Ikuhisa Minowa whom also celebrated his 10th year in MMA, saw Japanese fighters pitted against Koreans out of the CMA Korea camp.

Minowa, outweighed by over 20 pounds, defeated Min-Seok Heo in the main event when the Korean's corner threw in the towel after the first round. Other noteworthy results were PRIDE prospect Dong-Hyun Kim's eleven seconds knockout over Maejima from a left straight, and Su-Hi Ham's decision win over Megumi Yabushita, despite being outweighed by 15 pounds (fight was under kickboxing rules).

Full results, winners in bold:

  • Ikuhisa "Minowaman" Minowa (Freelance) / Min-Seok Heo (CMA Korea) (TKO, corner threw in the towel, R1)
  • Kousei Kubota (Sakaguchi Dojo) / Do-Won Seo (CMA Korea) (Judges decision 3-0)
  • Megumi Yabushita (Tomoegumi) / Su-Hi Ham (CMA Korea) (kickboxing rules) (Judges decision 0-3)
  • Takayo Hashi (Wajyutsu Keisyukai Tokyo) / Hi-Jin Ei (CMA Korea) (Judges decision 3-0)
  • Kazue Matake (Wajyutsu Keisyukai Tokyo) / Yeon-Ju Ei (CMA Korea) (Submission, 4:07 R2)
  • Ken Hamamura (CMA Kyoto Seikeikan) / Dong-Ho Han (CMA Korea) (TKO, 3:37 R1)
  • Jyunpei Hamada (Makoto Gym) / Yang-Dong Lee (CMA Korea) (TKO, 3:14 R1)
  • Naoki Matsushita (MB3z) / Su-Han Han (CMA Korea) (Judges decision 0-3)
  • Yoshiyume Chodo (CMA Ikusa Gym) / Yoon Ho (CMA Korea) (Judges decision 2-1)
  • Takanori Onda / Ji-Hun Kim (CMA Korea) (TKO, 3:36 R1)
  • Yukiharu Maejima (CMA Ikusa Gym) / Dong-Hyun Kim (CMA Korea) (KO, 0:11 R1)
  • Hisashi Kudo / Yuhan Quoniam (CMA Korea) (Heel hook, 0:30 R1)

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