Saturday, July 7, 2007

Josh Barnett free from DSE contract, UFC or Bodog next?

Josh Barnett wrote a blog post on his MySpace page declaring that he was finally free from his contract with DSE. It seems like it's down to either Bodog and UFC for him, though if he wants to be treated "like a valuable part of the organization" I'm not sure if UFC is the way to go.

Read the full post from Josh after he the jump.

The time has finally arrived to unleash the power of pro wrestling again on the MMA world. That's right, I am finally free from my former contract and open to hearing all offers. Great news for sure and coincidently just on the heels of my last blog explaining why I wasn't fighting. Somewhere I think I just heard a star imploding.

Of course the first thoughts are: will I or won't I fight in the UFC? Truthfully, I have spoken with Dana and Lorenzo recently and the UFC is well aware that I have no beef with them. There are no personal issues keeping me from signing with the UFC. I just have not received any offers from them yet.

Many have seen me on Bodog and may think I am automatically headed to or signed with them. While I have a good relationship with the promoters and have two fighters fighting next season, I have not signed any deals with Bodog.

I am looking to get back in the game and I want to be with a promotion that treats me as a valuable part of the organization. I hope I can find that kind of place this time around, not just for my sake but for all of my fans worldwide as well.

Now…who's ready to see somebody get buried into the canvas?

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